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Understanding Indicators and Factors Affecting Performance

Understanding Indicators and Factors Affecting Performance – Performance is the origin of the word of job performance or actual performance that means performance or achievement is actually achieved by someone. Understanding performance or work performance is the result of work in quality and quantity that can be achieved by an employee while performing its functions in accordance with the responsibilities imposed on it.

A . Understanding Indicators and factors

Understanding Indicators and factors

Performance or performance is the result (output) of a process by (Nurlaila, 2010: 71). According to the approach of behavior in management, performance is the quantity or quality of something that has been produced or services provided by someone who does a job (Luthans, 2005: 165).

Performance is work performance, is the comparison between the work with predefined standards (Dessler, 2000: 41). Performance is the result of work either in quality or quantity achieved by a worker in performing tasks according to the responsibilities charged (Mangkunagara, 2002: 22).

P  of a person assessed as a whole over a certain period of time in performing tasks compared to various possibilities, such as predetermined standards of work, targets or targets and pre-determined criteria (Rivai and Basri, 2005: 50).

Meanwhile, according to Mathis and Jackson (2006: 65) states that performance is basically what is done or not done employees or workers. Performance management is the overall activity undertaken aimed at improving the performance of a company or organization, and includes the performance of each individual worker and working group in the company.

Performance is the work of behavior (Armstrong, 1999: 15). In the sense of this performance linking the work with behavior. As a behavior, performance is a human activity that is directed to the implementation of the organizational tasks assigned to it.

  1. Understanding Indicators and Factors Affecting Performance Factors That Can Affect Performance

  • Effectiveness and efficiencyIf a certain goal is finally achieved, we may say that the activity is effective, but if unexpected consequences assess the importance of the outcome, it can lead to satisfaction even if it is effectively inefficient. Conversely, if the consequences are sought is not important or trivial then it could be efficient (Prawirosentono, 1999: 27).
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  • Authority (authority)Authority is the nature of a communication or command in an organization with a formal owned an organization member to another member with the aim to perform a work activity in accordance with its contribution (Prawirosentono, 1999: 27). The order is what can be done and what should not be done in the organization.


  • DisciplineDiscipline is obedient to applicable laws and regulations (Prawirosentono, 1999: 27). Thus, employee discipline is the activity of the employee concerned in respecting the employment agreement with the organization in which he works.


  • InitiativeInitiatives relate to the power of thought and creativity in shaping the idea to plan something related to the goals of the organization.

A . Employee Performance Characteristics

Characteristics of people who have high performance are as follows (Mangkunegara, 2002: 68):

  1. Have a high sense of personal responsibility.
  2. Can dare to take and bear the risks faced.
  3. Have a realistic work objective.
  4. Have a thorough work plan and strive to realize its objectives.
  5. Utilizing the feedback (feedback) is evident in all work activities that do.
  6. Can look for opportunities to realize plans that have been programmed.

B . Employee Performance Indicators

Indicators to measure the performance of individual employees are six indicators that can be seen, namely (Robbins, 2006: 260):

  1.  Quality

Quality of work can be measured from employee perceptions of the quality of work that has been produced and the perfection of tasks to the skills and abilities of employees. Understanding Indicators 

  1. Quantity

Quantity is the resulting amount expressed in terms such as the number of units or number of completed activity cycles.

  1. Punctuality

Punctuality is the activity level completed at the beginning of a determined time, viewed from the point of view of coordination with the output and maximizing the time available for other work activities. Understanding Indicators

  1. Effectiveness

It is the level of use of organizational resources (energy, money, technology and raw materials) that are maximized with the intention of increasing the outcome of each unit in the use of resources. Understanding Indicators

  1. Independence

 Independence is the level of an employee who will be able to perform its work function with work commitment. Independence is a level where employees have a working commitment with agency and employee responsibilities to the office or company.

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That’s all article of Understanding Indicators and Factors Affecting Performance, hopefully it will be useful. PT. Cruzindo Utama as a steel building contractor company, always trying to improve employee performance by utilizing training and other disciplines that often held company. Understanding Indicators 

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