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Here are 8 Tips on Choosing Building Materials for Home or Building

8 Tips On Choosing Building Materials For Home or Building – During building a house you definitely want to build your house looks beautiful and sturdy, therefore you must choose good building materials and good quality. Choosing quality building materials is very important, ranging from choosing the right quality that suits the proper use until the appropriate use of materials.

Here are 8 Tips on Choosing Building Materials for Home or Building

However, some people are sometimes misled by the expensive price but have a bad quality as in reality not all building materials that have expensive prices have good quality. Therefore, before building a house, owners or home makers should know what tips on choosing building materials while building a house.

Here are 8 Tips on Choosing Building Materials for Home or Building

  1. Steel bar

Iron concrete has many variations, depending on the type of size ranging from the smallest size 10 mm to the largest size of 12 meters, for sturdy buildings should buy a large iron size. Research before buying concrete iron. Iron concrete is strong enough so that its use is very important in the construction of a house or building as a foundation column or wall.

  1. Sand

Sand is a material that must be bought when you want to build a house or building because sand is a staple in building a house.

Here is how to choose sand for buildings:

  • The sand must have sharp grains. How to know is grab the sand then handheld, fine sand grains felt sharp on the surface of the palm.
  • Visually visible, good sand grains appear to have a good variety of grain shape Sand if you sandy sand, the result will not clot sand. The result of this sand mixture if combined with cement will result in very hard wall plastering but the texture is rough, so it affects the mixture.
  • Conversely, the sand is not good when it is held by hand the sand will clot. The result of mortar with cement produces plaster is not as hard as good sand, but the texture of plastering is quite smooth therefore it eases mixture.
  • Sand does not contain more than 5% sludge while there is no mud left behind.
  1. Cement

Cement in the market today has similarities with each other, both price and quality. However, it’s the best to use branded cement to get a strong plaster so your building is good and the construction is stronger.

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Cement used as the main building material for houses and other buildings is important. For some makers of cement materials in the use of materials mixed with sand material, But the use of cement here is much more than the sand, so the results of mortar of building materials more strong and glue. However, the use of cement will be perfect if mixed with quality sand or no mixing of other materials.

  1. Red Brick or Batako

Better to build a house use medium-sized red brick, has a hard strength, not easily broken, and has a uniform size. The function of the red brick can be replaced brick if the available funds are not sufficient, but in terms of red brick strength is stronger than brick.

Comparison of red brick with brick:

  • Red brick is stronger than batako because the dimensions and cavities are bigger than red bricks.
  • Red brick does not absorb heat therefore the building with red brick wall is cooler (cooler) than batako atmosphere inside the house.
  • Batako is more cost-effective than red brick and in terms of faster brick installation time, as well as the amount of mortar used per price of fiber per m2.
  • If not plastered, the batako provides a neater wall texture rather than a red brick.·         According to the public, the batako is a second-class building material, therefore sometimes resulting in resale value of houses built with blocks of materials will fall.
  1. Wood

Some of these things that must be considered in choosing a good wood:

  • Choose wood with moisture content below 20% to produce strong building construction.
  • We recommend using construction wood from Borneo, for example Samarinda Kamper wood and Rasamala Kamper, so that the house is built more solidly.
  • Use wood that has been drained / dried so that the wood is not quickly weathered by time.
  1. Tile


Clay made of clay and concrete to be excellent market because it is more beautiful and the home atmosphere is felt to be cooler. However, the roof frame or the horses should be stronger if you use the tiles.Because the clay tile makes a bit heavy then it takes a strong foundation to hold each location of the tile, especially for building houses that must have many barriers on each pants.

  1. House Paint

In choosing a paint people often assume the price of paint is expensive will result in good paint results, but there is the right way how to choose paint. Factor no.1 you have to think for which areas of paint will be used later, Is for interior / exterior, for maximum results try to use the right paint product. One more thing you need to consider is to choose a color that suits your taste.

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Of course the color of the room paint to determine / affect the mood of the mood that lives in it. Soft colors give the impression of cool and the room becomes more spacious while strong colors such as red, black, brown give the impression of warm but this color gives the impression of narrowing the room.

  1. Ceramics

Choosing a ceramic is the hardest part because there are thousands of colors, sizes, styles, shapes and qualities. If you do not want to be wrong when choosing a neutral color tile like white or light cream. If you choose a more striking color, consult the architect to get the best option.In harmony with other elements of the house. Ceramics are available in many sizes, ranging from 20 x 20 cm, 25 x 25 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 45 x 45 cm up to 60 x 60 cm.

The quality of ceramics is usually distinguished on the manufacturer as KW1 (best), KW2 (medium), and KW3 (ugly). KW1 is a perfect ceramic without any defects, both cracks, colors and dimensions.KW3 is a defected ceramic. If you have good budget, better choose KW1 ceramics. But, if the budget are tight, KW2 ceramics can still produce good floor when installed properly. Ceramics are shiny and not shiny.

The ceramic material is made from a mixed clay compound process, then a glossy coating is applied to the top of the tile and then baked. The shiny ceramics are available in high-gloss, matte, and rugged.

And that’s all, hope this article about 8 Tips on Choosing Building Materials for Home or Building make you know about all tips on choosing building materials for home or building, may be useful for you who will build a house.

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