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Here Are the Symptoms and Causes of the Lazy Employee

Symptoms and Factors Cause Lazy Employees – As a business owner, you are required to always be productive in running your business, whether it is a business engaged in the sale of products or items or businesses engaged in services. Especially in the field of services, service is a priority therefore good service will determine the success of your efforts not in attracting many customers in the future.

Here Are the Symptoms and Causes of the Lazy Employee

Service and productivity are important factors that employee performance cannot be separated. Keeping them disciplined in all aspects will show a significant positive development for your business or business. Discipline in this case can be linked to the discipline of time management, discipline in terms of completing tasks assigned to them, sharing disciplining and cooperating in teams and so forth. These are the Symptoms and Causes of the Lazy Employee.

why you must know the Symptoms and Causes of the Lazy Employee ?

The lazy workers will make your company slower to move, besides lazy employees will also make your money have to be wasted to pay them, even your company name can also be ugly because of it. Why ?

It’s will we explain to you why the lazy employee will make you damnification.

Recognize Symptoms Employee Lazy

Everyone must have experienced a phase of saturation or boredom, especially for employees. If the workload is monotone, not to mention coupled to work in the pressure of course they will easily get bored and their spirit can fade away as time go. As a business owner, you definitely do not want that to happen, right?

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If so, the first thing you should do is recognize the symptoms of lazy employees. Usually employees who have a decline in work spirit will show the following signs:

  1. Coming late becomes a bad habit of an employee with a variety of excuses. Usually employees who experience a decrease in work will often come late can be more than 1 time in one week.
  2. Sleepy and difficult in concentrating. Under these circumstances the employee exhibits their lack of productivity, even when the work is difficult, the employee will find it difficult to complete.
  3. Caught lazy or doing some things not related to their job, like chatting on working hours, playing games, chat with friends, play mobile or just daydream alone.
  4. There is no passion in working then sometimes moody, and other bad habits.

Factors Cause Employee Lazy

Well, once you recognize the symptoms of lazy employees, you can explore the cause. There are several factors that cause employees lazy or decreased work, such as:

  1. Internal factors

Such as factors of the work environment such as less conducive spaces (uncomfortable), unsupported teams, less cooperative partners, rigid bosses, unequal jobs with salary or wages received or feeling bored with job activity.

This one can make the employee uncomfortable and and don’t want to work anymore. yes it’s not a boss problem, but this condition can make other employee will out or like a employee lazy, the lazy employee will tell the brother and will tell to public, and this situation can make the bad ratting for your company. it’s true cause there is company got a bad ratting cause the employee not enjoyed.

  1. External factors

Such as factors that come from outside such as family conditions (problems in the family), transportation problems to the workplace, have side jobs out there and so forth.

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If you want the lazy employee becomes the discipline employee, you must improve the employee condition to a good conditio. the employee need you.

So That’s all, hopefully this article about Symptoms and Causes of the Lazy Employee will be useful to improve the performance of your company or business.


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