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Here are 4 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

4 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips – It’s very often we see or hear on various media that modern homes today generally have a minimalist kitchen space is simple. In addition to limited land, a minimalist concept house usually has a small kitchen, minimalist or small kitchen brings many advantages for residents of the house as no need to bother cleaning it.

Simple Minimalist Kitchen but Cozy

Here are 4 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

The small kitchen that provides comfort, efficiency, and modern impression will also feel warmer especially in open plan kitchen or if combined with the dining room. Therefore the function of the kitchen will be wider not only a place for cooking but also a place to dine together while chatting with family.

If you are currently looking for inspiration minimalist simple kitchen design is actually not too difficult especially with the existence of the internet, where you can get any information. On the internet provides various architectural websites that are ready to assist you in providing information.

But i bet, you very want to know the example of minimalist kitchen design for the narrow room. so we will show you the example of minimalist kitchen design for the narrow room use the photos. i hope this wort it for you.

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4 example photos of minimalist kitchen for the narrow room :

But, To create a minimalist kitchen to look great there are some architectural tricks that you can apply for example by playing the wall color, the selection of the right furniture and the right decor. Here is a guide for you.

Here are 4 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips 

example of Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

  1. Choose a bright wall paint color

To make your minimalist kitchen design room looks larger, you should choose a uniform bright colors with the ceiling of the house, floor, and walls. Soft or pastel colors like beige, light brown, or white can be the right choice. To give the impression the illusion of the room looks bigger, you can install some glass tile so that the residents of the house can see beautiful sky scenery during sunny days.

  1. Pay attention to air circulation and lightLight settings

should also be considered to make the room looks larger, for example by providing light on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen room should also have lots of openings not only aimed at making the room looks big but also for the flow of air circulation so that the smoke from cooks out easily. Large windows with beautiful frames can certainly make the room look more beautiful. For the floor you can choose a diagonal tile with a matching color against the wall.

  1. Use compact and functional furniture

Simple minimalist kitchen image design that you get on the magazine architecture online or offline, of course you can see the furniture used balanced with the area of ​​the room. Currently, many different kitchen sets are compact and compact for a minimalist kitchen in a modern house that is simple but still elegant.

  1. Use proportional kitchen equipment addition to furniture,

in choosing your home kitchen equipment, it should also be adjusted to the size of the room to make your kitchen look neat and clean. Pots and pans that can be hang on the shelf to keep the kitchen cabinets more room for storing other equipment. As for the table and chairs to eat you can choose a high counter model to save your kitchen space.

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That’s all, hope the article about 4 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips will make you interested and know about the minimalist kitchen, hopefully it will be useful for your kitchen space. And If you can set the room well, then your home will be more visible area.

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