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You should know! This Is The Meaning Of Safety Helmet Colors

The meaning of safety helmet colors – before we discuss in detail of the meaning safety helmet colors. let’s discuss the history of the safety helmet. The initial use of safety helmets (helmet safety) was started by workers in the dock / shipyard. Before that safety helmet or safety helmet is created to usually protect their heads with dry asphalt or that already hardened after sun dried.

The purpose of using this dry asphalt to cover or protect their head from the risk of falling or falling objects found on the deck of the ship they are building. Officially the safety helmet was first developed in 1912 by the Worker’s Accident Insurance Institute of Bohemian Kingdom.

helmet colors

In addition to the history of its origin, the basic materials of helmet safety are changing along with the development of new technology world material more effective and efficient.

these were created in the following years

  1. The dried asphalt was created before 1912.
  2. Thick Canvas was created Year 1919.
  3. Aluminum was created Year 1938 except for workers in the field of electricity, can be electric shock.
  4. Fiberglass invented 1940s.
  5. Thermoplastic was created In the 1950s.
  6. High Density Polyethylene or HDPE was created until now still in use.

Safety helmet itself there are two types, namely:

  1. The Safety helmets for underground or tunnel miners. This type of helmet shape wide and upper edges more prominent with a hanger / place put a flashlight.
  2. Safety helmet used for mining area or industrial open area. This helmet is ordinary shape or likely safety helmet in general.

After you know the history of how the origin of the safety helmet, now let’s discuss what the meaning and purpose of giving a striking color on the safety helmet.

The main purpose of safety helmets there are highlighting or bright colors such as yellow, white, orange, green, blue, red and others. It is the purpose that workers who wear safety helmets will be more easily seen when there is a vehicle or heavy equipment that pass so as not to be hit.

However, now this color is given the color of the helmet because there is a special meaning of color on the safety helmet. Surely many of you who have seen employees who use safety helmets or project helmets. Of course what comes to mind when you see someone using a safety helmet is they are from a construction worker or maybe a contractor.

In addition, you will usually also see when the helmet is placed on the windshield or rear glass of the vehicle. Perhaps most people today will think the helmet is placed there to make it easier for them to pick up when they want to start work assignments.

But it turns a safety helmet in front or behind the glass of the vehicle has its own meaning should you know. For those who understand the intent of placing the helmet placed in front of or behind the glass of the vehicle will certainly give a different perception.

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For some people who know the meaning of safety helmet color that is placed behind the glass of the vehicle, they can know what role or position of the person in a project. So that person can know and say “turns out he is an engineer”. There are also others who judge and say “it turns out he’s a general worker”.

The helmet actually does not need to be placed in front or behind the vehicle glass. Because if the goal is to make it easier to take it should be placed on the back seat or in the hood of the car only.

Usually if you notice the safety helmet color is placed in front or behind the vehicle glass is a white safety helmet. Why should a helmet be white? Because white safety helmets are usually only used by people who have high office like an engineer or project management. Therefore if on site those who use white helmet more respected because they have high positions.   

This Is The Meaning of Safety Helmet Color :

Here are some more safety helmet colors that reflect the position or position of someone.

  1. White safety helmets

    helmet colors

    White Safety Helmet, are commonly used by managers, supervisors, engineers, foremen.·

  2. Blue safety helmets

    helmet colors

    Blue Safety Helmet are usually used by site supervisors, electrical contractors and temporary supervisors.·

  3. Yellow safety helmet

    the Meaning of Safety Helmet Color yellow

    is usually used by sub-contractor or general worker.·

  4. Green safety helmet

    the Meaning of Safety Helmet Color greenGreen Safety Helmet is usually used to by environmental supervisors.·

  5. Pink safety helmet

    the Meaning of Safety Helmet Color pinkis usually used by new workers or apprentices.·

  6. Orange safety helmet

    the Meaning of Safety Helmet Color orangeThe orange safety helmet, usually used by company guest.

  7. Red safety helmet

    the meaning or safety helmet color redThe red safety helmet is usually used by the safety officer who is responsible for checking the safety system whether it is installed and functioning in accordance with the established standards.

On the basis of these classification factors that cause some people to put white colored helmet safety in front or behind their windshield because it is used as a symbol of his work, but there are also people who just go along without knowing the reasons and goals of others put a safety helmet there. For example: Another person puts a white-colored safety helmet and he also puts it down even though his helmet is yellow.

Actually classification difference in meaning of safety helmet color is not clear where origin from where. This is probably true after many people interpret and apply it to a traditional culture of work.

Usually the clarification of the meaning of the safety helmet color is different and does not apply in every country even on every site or project. For example, workers in petroleum mining such as Petronas people using yellow safety helmets are divisions or units of Operation Department that have been considered the most important units and consist of Engineers who have been experts. Therefore for them, the yellow-colored cap is the highest status or class whereas the yellow bonnet construction is the lowest category of general workers including cleaner workers.

Actually the main function of the safety helmet is to protect the head to avoid the risk of falling goods or other objects. So also with the safety boot that you need to use when in the construction project area to protect your feet. We recommend that you choose the safety boot that the ends and the base is plated with iron to avoid the shoes translucent when your feet stepped on sharp objects.   

How to Use and Function Helmet Safety

this is the Meaning of Safety Helmet Color

How to use the correct safety helmet will certainly provide protection for your head. Work areas such as oil mines, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, building projects or others usually establish safety helmets as personal protective equipment (PPE) that must be used. This is because the potential risks that come from the top of the head of many in the work environment like this. In using safety helmets, there are a few things that you should pay attention to are as follows:

  1. Before using it check that the helmet is in good condition to use, fit and comfortable in your head, not lose or not too narrow, not in a damaged and defective condition.
  2. Use a safety helmet headed properly and correctly, not tilted, too looked up, down that will cover the view or upside down
  3. When in high or wind conditions, chain strips should be used to avoid the safety helmet worn by flying in high winds.

In wearing safety helmets are often incidents such as collisions and falling objects that fall. After the incident usually helmet safety damaged on the helmet. No matter how small the damage caused by safety helmets must be replaced with new ones. Should not use safety helmets that have experienced defects/damage.

The use of safety helmets are still good or not good there is a limitation. The average life span of a safety helmet is for 5 years, but it depends on the material used to make the safety helmet. Every safety helmet manufacturer will definitely include the maximum limit on the safety helmet. Check carefully, If necessary also be your concern is clean the safety helmet after use. This is done to avoid damage to the material due to exposure to the dirt. Because it could be dirt is a chemical, oil and solvents that can trigger damage the basic materials of making safety helmets.

That’s all, hopefully this article about safety helmet will be useful, in building or establishing and renovating buildings PT. Cruzindo Utama always prioritizes the safety of its construction workers by requiring helmet wear when working.

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