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This is the Importance of Occupational Safety and Health

The Importance of Occupational Safety and Health – Basically every job is always a risk of danger that threatens to human beings, other living creatures and the surrounding assets. Losses or risks may vary from very small to the largest to the point of death. Work accidents are always interpreted as unpredictable events. Occupational accidents can occur due to conditions that do not support work safety, or work that does not support safety.

This is the Importance of Occupational Safety and Health

Work accidents can be any act or unsaved condition that can cause an accident. Based on the definition of occupational accidents, the emergence of occupational safety and health means that how to prevent accidents is to eliminate the elements of the accident or conduct strict supervision. (Silalahi, 1995) Occupational health and safety are essential to morality, legality, and finance.

All organizations have an obligation to ensure that workers and others involved remain in safe condition at all times. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) practices consist of prevention, sanction, and compensation, as well as wound healing and care for each worker and provide health care or sick leave. Occupational safety and health is basically looking for and revealing the weaknesses that enable work accidents. This function can be applied in two ways, namely to reveal the cause and effect of an accident and examine whether the control is carefully and precisely done or not.

Warning Sign

warning sign

So we will tell you about importance of occupational safety and health, but you sure know the meaning for the Warning Sign ? or you don’t know what is the importance the “Warning Sign” ? we will tel you first about the meaning of Warning sign.

Meaning of Warning Sign in work place

Warning Sign, indicating the possibility of a hazard or things that must be watched out for by workers and people, so this object it’s very very important. why ? cause without this warning sign, it is possible that a person or worker does not know the dangers that are in front of him so as to allow accidents at work and in the surrounding environment.

Why warning sign it’s importance

as I tell you earlier, this sign is to warn someone about the danger that is in front of them. so that accidents do not occur and make your workplace dangerous and get a negative rating.

If you want to know all the warning sign in workplace, we will show you all the warning sign in workpolace we can found for you.

All the warning sign have a picture that actually describes the thing you want to warn about, such as a slippery floor, the warning sign will depict a person falling to describe a slippery floor, etc.

This is the Importance of Occupational Safety and Health 

According Sunyoto (2012: 242) there are three reasons for the importance of occupational safety and health:

  1. Based on HumanityThe first is that managers conduct accident prevention on the basis of true humanity. They do so to reduce as much pain as possible, and wounded workers and their families are often given explanations of the consequences that an accident can inflict.
  2. Under the lawBecause at this time in the United States there are federal laws, state laws and municipal law on occupational safety and health, for those who violate will be imposed fines.
  3. EconomicalThat is for companies to be aware of the importance of work safety because the cost of accidents incurred can amount to very large for the company.
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Meanwhile, according to Mangkunegara (2002, 165) that the purpose of occupational safety and health are as follows :

  1. In order for every employee to get the guarantee of safety and health work both physically, socially and psychologically.
  2. So every employee feels safe and protected in work
  3. So that there is guarantee for the maintenance and improvement of nutrition health of employees.
  4. In order to avoid health problems caused by the environment and working conditions.

We hope that this article about Importance of Occupational Safety and Health will be useful for you, we PT. Cruzindo Utama always prioritizes work safety for its workers, so that the project work is completed on time and without any constraints in the field.


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