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This Is The Importance of Employee Training in Your Company

Employee training – is closely related to employee performance. Therefore, an assessment is required to measure an employee’s performance and then employee training is conducted after the results of the assessment. Employee training is carried out with the objective that employees will gain knowledge, skills and skills in accordance with the demands of the work they do for the company.

The Importance of Employee Training in Your Company

Proper Employee Training

Proper and correct employee training, can impact with good effect to employees so that employees can develop themselves and be able to understand some things related to their work as follows:

  1. Employees can understand the input and output of the job more deeply.
  2. Employees was able to understand the company’s development.
  3. Employees is able to understand the goals that the company will achieve.
  4. Employees understand the need for team collaboration in carrying out the work.
  5. Employees can easily understand the information tranferred by the company.6.     Employees are able to understand every difficulty facing the company.
  6. Employees can make connections with the environment.
  7. Employees can understand the policies and regulations that apply within the company.
  8. Employees can understand the systems and procedures used in the implementation of corporate tasks.
  9. Employees can understand and apply behaviors that support and demanded the company.

Results from Employee Training

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An employee who has received proper employee training will have better skills, the following are the characteristics of a skilled employees:

  1. Know and understand what to do.
  2. Has a quick and precise work/response.
  3. Rarely make mistakes or errors in work.
  4. Already have best practices in carrying out his work.
  5. Productivity will increase than usual.
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Impact If Company does not Provide Employee Training

If employee training is not carried out by a company, it will be seen in the following employee symptoms:

  1. Often makes mistakes in doing the job.
  2. Never succeed in meeting the standards of the company expectation.
  3. Has a narrow mindset.
  4. Cannot use more sophisticated equipment at work.
  5. Work productivity never increases or reaches the target.
  6. Corporate sustainability cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Employee awareness is low on the company.
  8. Companies will not compete with other companies.
  9. The company is always behind in providing good service to consumers.

Benefits of Employee Training

Benefits of Employee Training activities, are as follows:

  1. Company will have the ability to adapt to the needs of today.
  2. Company will have human resources who always appear convincing in carrying out their job duties.
  3. Company is able to answer the challenges of future technological developments.
  4. Company can improve the performance of employees individually or in groups
  5. The mechanism of the company is more flexible or not rigid in using new technology.
  6. Companies can prepare their employees to occupy a higher position.

The Importance of Employee Training for Companies

Employee Training Program for a company has important meaning, among others, are as follows:

  1. HR (Human Resources) or employees who occupy a certain position in the organization, not necessarily have the ability in accordance with the requirements required in the position. This happens because often an employee occupies a certain position that is not because of its ability, but because of the availability of formation in organizational management. Therefore new employees or staff need to add the skills they need.
  2. With the advancement of science and technology, will definitely affect an organization or company. Therefore, previous positions are not needed, but are now needed. The ability of the person occupying the position is sometimes absent. So it will require the addition or improvement of the necessary skills for the position.
  3. Promotion in an organization is an obligation if the organization wants to grow. The importance of promotion for an employee is as one “reward or incentive”.
  4. In the period of development of the organization, either government or private feel called to hold training for its employees in order to get the effectiveness and efficiency of work in accordance with the development period.
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That’s all, hopefully this article about the important of employee training for your company so you can accept employees correctly and not choose the wrong one. hopefully this artticle will useful for you.

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