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Workers shall know! Here are 7 Causes of Work Accidents

Causes of work Accidents There are several types of occupational hazards (hazards). But it turns out that among some types of occupational hazards there is one type that seems simple but it plays a major role in the majority of causes of occupational accidents, the type of danger is the type of behavioral hazards / behavior hazards.

Causes of Occupational Accidents 

Workers shall know! Here are 7 Causes of Work Accidents

Consider the following statistics: 80 out of 100 accidents are caused by human error resulting in work accidents. Human error is closely related to unsafe behavior (unsafe behavior). This unsafe behavior causes work accident four times from work accident or injury caused by unsafe condition.

There are many reasons why work accidents happen. Most people tend to see things only to blame when work accidents happen, because they are easier to mislead than to find the cause or solution of an accident.

Consider the cause of the accident described below. Have you ever felt guilty about the following actions and behaviors? If it ever did, you may not get injured due to your infringement but next time you may not be as fortunate now. Causes of work accidents

Here is an explanation of 7 Causes of Work Accidents

  1. Take a shortcut

Each day we must make decisions and hope to make the work faster or more efficient. But will these shortcuts secure every risk of your safety?Shortcuts reduce your safety in work and increase your chances of injury. Believe it is not, actually the safety behavior is the most efficient and effective. Talk about effectiveness and efficiency, ergonomics or K3 play a very important role to eliminate waste or things that interfere with the effectiveness. Causes of work accidents

  1. Excessive Confidence

Confidence is right and good. The edge is too confident sometimes not very good too. This behavior can lead to incorrect procedures, tools and work methods in your work. This may cause you to work injury. Causes of work accidents

  1. Start the task with incomplete instructions

To do the job properly and safely the first time you need complete information. Has Ana seen a worker being told to do a job, given only part of the work instructions? Do not be ashamed to ask to be explained about working procedures and safety alerts. It does not make you stupid to ask about this, but you are wrong if you do not ask at all but do not understand. Causes of work accidents

  1. Improper work tidiness

When clients, managers, or safety workers pass through your work area, neatness is an accurate indicator of judging a person’s behavior about quality, productivity and safety. Poor tidiness creates different types of hazards to the job. Working areas are diligent, neat and cared for pride, comfort and increased safety. The neatness in the industry is often referred to as 5S or 5R. Causes of work accidents

  1. Do not care about safety procedures

Workers deliberately ignore safety procedures that may harm yourself and your co-workers. You are paid to follow the company’s safety policy instead of building your own rules. Causes of work accidents

  1. Mental impairment from work

Having bad days at home and worrying about problems at home, then taking them while at work is a very dangerous combination. Mentally falling can ignore your focus to follow safe working procedures. Causes of work accidents

  1. Failed to plan a job

Many references to hazard analysis work, JSA is a pretty effective way to find smart ways to work safely and efficiently. Working hastily when starting a job, or not thinking about a work process can put you in a dangerous way of working. Better plan your work first then work according to the plan. Causes of work accidents

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