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Building Renovation Services for Building, Factory, House, and Apartment

Renovation services of factory, building, and houses – The development of industrial and property area is growing rapidly, every region is competing to improve the infrastructure to attract many investors to invest in their region.

16 unit shop house (Ruko) construction work Portofolio in Ciputat Tangerang

(16 unit shop house (Ruko) construction work Portofolio in Ciputat Tangerang)

Especially for the JABOTABEK area, as the high demand for housing and many investors both local and overseas are investing in this region, it makes the suburban of Jakarta growing rapidly.

In the past, high rise buildings are used to be seen only in Jakarta, but now can be found in Tanggerang, Depok, Bogor, Bekasi or Karawang. From apartment to banking building are being built up to support the needs of its inhabitants.

In some cases, the building must also be renovated because of several factors ranging from aging old buildings, indoor or outdoor design change requirement, design mistake that can be fatal to the occupants of the building.

Cruzindo Utama which is a construction company serving renovation services, installation and repair of factory buildings, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, malls, department stores, plazas and hotels and other buildings.

why you should choose our services ?

maybe many people will ask “why should I choose this service?” but they don’t know what we will offer for our services, and now we will tell you what we will offer for our services to you :

  1. Professional team
  2. Free architectural service
  3. Save Cost
  4. Always On Time
  5. Trusted

of course all point in upper it’s very very necessary for your development project to run properly. it is also a form to maintain the quality of our service to all customers and put the customer pleasure as our main priority.

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Our Services | Building renovation services

Work of Mortar cement warehouse structure

  1. Renovation of buildings including minor or major renovations
  2. Installation / fabrication including receptionist desk, additional space / partition, lobby room, Prayer building/musholla, parking area, security post, storage room, toilet room, canteen, installation of ACP, etc.
  3. Repair of buildings; Roof leak, toilet room, floor, door, ceiling, and others.
  4. Improve interior or exterior design
  5. Painting of buildings.

Renovation services of the factory building

Fiber installation work in roof and wall

  1. Replacement of floor tiles
  2. Replacement ceramic wall
  3. Replacement of the roof of the house
  4. Ceiling replacement
  5. Replacement of door and window frames
  6. Replacement front / facade
  7. Replacement of paint / repainting
  8. Other renovation works

Changes in the shape and function of the house

Work of Canopy, fence, pushing door

Replacement of old house components with new ones

  1. Addition of new space
  2. Car Port Construction
  3. Garage Construction
  4. Construction of Floor 2
  5. Construction of Laundry drying area/torrent
  6. Construction of Kitchen Set
  7. Installation of canopy
  8. Space expansion
  9. Other renovation works

Renovation Cost

PT. Cruzindo Utama offers services of renovation, installation and repair of factory buildings, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, malls, department stores, plaza and other hotels and buildings at affordable prices, we calculate the cost based on the area of ​​the building we are renovating so that the cost will be more economical.

Of course there are many things to consider before choosing a renovation service of a factory building, we have many construction portfolios that you can see at this page as a reference that we can handle up to big projects.

In choosing a renovation or construction service that requires a fairly expensive cost of course you should consider the credibility and portfolio of companies or contractors who will handle your building renovation project whether trustworthy or not.In addition to our Limited corporation (PT), other considerations to choose your renovation services to us is that we have a competent team in the field of construction to have clients with medium-scale to big-scale companies.Would you like to renovate your old building to be new one?

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