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Building Construction Services Cikarang Bekasi – PT. Cruzindo Utama

Building Construction Services Cikarang Bekasi – Are you looking for a building contractor for a new plant, new property or other building that has experience in building property or factory?

We, PT. Cruzindo Utama, are ready to assist you in realizing a sturdy building and has a design that suits your needs that can matched with your budget. By using our services you can save your expenses to build or renovate buildings.

Building Construction Services Cikarang Bekasi - PT. Cruzindo Utama

Photo 1. One of our projects, finishing stage of a new plant in Sukabumi

We have an expert team who have long experience in the field of building construction or renovation of building for companies, SMEs or individuals. If you want to have buildings that fit your budget and criteria. PT. Cruzindo Utama is the best choice for you.

One of the reasons you chose us is because we are a company that is very experienced in building or renovating buildings from individual to corporate scale that already have a clear legal entity listed on the company profile of our company, you can download our company profile here.

Why should you choose the construction service of Cikarang Bekasi building from PT. Cruzindo Utama?

    1. Experienced of Expert TeamI

      the process of project work, we will always focus on the results that will satisfy consumers, of course, to satisfy our customers we must work all out. We will try to make the project that we do strong, have high standard in accordance with the standard of building construction. In order to obtain maximum results would require competent human resources and ready in the market.

    1. Free services for architects

    We offer free of charge of design consulting services and remove architect design services in order to reduce your cost by providing the services of architects for free. Although our architects is free of charge but our design will follow consumer needs.

    1. Affordable Cost

    We can be the right design consultant for your building or project executor that is right for your project because we can match to your budget.

    1. On time Delivery

    We will do our best to get the job done on time according to your plan.with shortly time according dont be scared about a cuality from we job,we’ll do best.  

    1. Results according to design

    The results of our work of course must be in accordance with the design of premises that have been planned. With this working principle, we believe that we will keep our customer satisfaction.

    1. Trusted

    We are one of the contractor companies that have been a legal entity in the form of limited liability company (PT) which already has many portfolio, therefore it is not wrong if you choose us as the best contractor in Indonesia. 

    1. Transparent

    In order to produce a good job we will always maintain transparency in carrying out construction services in order to remain the right construction company for you.

Who are we?

PT, Cruzindo Utama is an established company as an effort in order to provide total solutions in the context of General Building Construction and Industrial Garment in particular.

With the motto “ONE STOP SOLUTION” we strive to provide comprehensive services ranging from land preparation to construction of ready-made buildings complete with ME and interior in it.We always strive to continue to participate in development by giving the best work. CRUZINDO UTAMA always strives to develop ourselves into one of the sturdy and stable Contractors as well by continuously strengthening our existing human resources so that we are always ready in the existing competition.

Free Service of Architects – Building construction services in Cikarang Bekasi

Why you are strongly advised to choose a construction service Cikarang Bekasi to PT. Cruzindo Utama? Of course because we will eliminate the services of architects to our clients. You can contact us now for more information.

In establishment a building, of course there must be stages in building or implementing a job, here are the stages.

Stage of construction service:

  • You can contact us directly, submit your requirement and planning.·
  • Determine the time of the survey by our team, then we will visit or survey to the location·
  • We will make Cost and Budget Plan (RAB) as well as a simple layout of the building you want to build·
  • After making agreement, we will create a working drawing, 3 dimensional design then we will process it.

To start a good plan, the following processes shall be done:·

  • Building design in the form of 3-dimensional (3D)
  • Cost and Budget Plan (RAB)·
  • Preparation of development and Project schedule·
  • Preparation of Man Hour Planning and so on.

Kontraktor baja terpecaya

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Grand Ruko Shopping Complex, South Entrance Modern Market AreaBlock APR-6 No. 023, Lambangsari, Tambun Selatan, Bekasi 17510Tel. 021 – 29080106 Fax. 021 – 29080106,Email: cruzindo_utama@yahoo.co.id, FB: Cruzindo Utama

Greetings to Build – PT. Cruzindo Utama –  Building Construction Services



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