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The Best Building Construction Services in Indonesia – PT. Cruzindo Utama

Building construction services – By using our contractor, you do not have to bother anymore to arrange workers to build your dream house come true, with the experience of the all worker PT. Cruzindo Utama, you also do not have to worry about the budget that will increase.

Cruzindo Utama is the best solution for you who want to have the best quality building construction services, sturdy and durable. All of our project process is done professionally starting from concept, budget plan to be issued until you finished. You have a high quality of standard building.

The Best Building Construction Services in Indonesia - PT. Cruzindo Utama

Photo 1. One of our projects, Watermarking Project

 With our expert team who have experience in building construction services, you can entrust building construction services to us, in order to build the building according to your plan and design. Choosing the right or correct building construction Service Company will ensure your building’s construction is sturdy so that it is safe and the results of building work are also qualified.

Why you must choose steel construction services from PT. Cruzindo Utama?

  1. Experienced team

In the project execution, we focus on customer satisfaction in order to get the results of building construction services that satisfy you, the result of building quality construction is sturdy, have high quality of standards and in accordance with the initial plan or agreement. We do recruit the best team of construction experts who have experienced handling of many steel construction projects.

  1. Free of architect service

We are well aware that the cost of the architect is not cheap, but in order not to burden your budget and let you save the cost of the construction project budget, we offer free services of architects to design the special buildings we provide to our consumers.

  1. Affordable Cost

We offer you flexible and affordable fees according to your planned budget. of course, this is to ensure the comfort of our customers in using our services.

  1. On time Delivery

With the support of a team of experts and professionals and having a high experience, we make sure all work can be completed on time according to plan or agreement.

  1. The result according to the design

The results of building construction will be complied with the design that has been committed from the beginning of meeting with you. Therefore the project results are satisfactory and in accordance with the specifications you have planned.

  1. Trusted

Cruzindo Utama is one of the most well-established contractor company located in Cikarang, Bekasi. Therefore we have been trusted as a steel contracting company, therefore you need not hesitate to work with us.

  1. Transparent

We will always maintain transparency in carrying out the mandate of steel construction services that have been requested by our consumers.  

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Who are we?

cruzindo utama logo

The Cruzindo Utama is an established company as an effort in order to provide total solutions in the context of General Building Construction and Industrial Garment in particular. With the motto “ONE STOP SOLUTION” we strive to provide comprehensive services ranging from land preparation to construction of ready-made buildings complete with Mechanical-Electrical (ME) and its interior.

We always strive to continue to participate in development by giving the best work.

CRUZINDO UTAMA always strives to develop ourselves into one of the sturdy and stable Contractors as well by continuously strengthening our existing human resources so that we are always ready in the existing competition.

Free of Architects Service Fee – Steel Construction Services

We realize the cost of the services of architects is expensive, the bigger and the higher the building is the more expensive the cost of architect services will be. However, to help you save the budget for building projects, we offer you a fee for building construction services provided for all project.

By using steel construction services from us, you will definitely save the budget of project cost, then budget from architect services you can use for other cost.   

Stage of construction service: ·

  • You can contact us directly, submit your requirement and planning.
  • Determine the time of the survey by our team, then we will visit or survey to the location·
  • We will make Cost and Budget Plan (RAB) as well as a simple layout of the building you want to build·
  • After making agreement, we will create a working drawing, 3 dimensional design then we will process it.
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To start a good plan, the following processes shall be done:

  • Building design in the form of 3-dimensional (3D)
  • Cost and Budget Plan (RAB)·
  • Preparation of development and Project schedule·
  • Preparation of Man Hour Planning and so on.
  • Want to build a new building? Contact our team immediately at the contact below.


Grand Ruko Shopping Complex, South Entrance Modern Market Area
Block APR-6 No. 023, Lambangsari, Tambun Selatan, Bekasi 17510
Tel. 021 – 29080106
Fax. 021 – 29080106,
Email: cruzindo_utama@yahoo.co.id, FB: Cruzindo Utama

Greetings to Build – PT. Cruzindo Utama –  Building Construction Services 


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