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Important! This is the Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

Accident Prevention of Building Construction Project – In construction project implementation there is a high possibility of work accident, we often find or hear a minor accident such as nail or the most dead due to the collapse of the building.

This kind of thing is certainly much unexpected, on the one hand the implementation of development is expected to be completed quickly and on time but in terms of accidents are also pressed to a minimum so zero Accident from the beginning of the work until the project is completed. Here will be discussed some efforts that may be done as a way to prevent work accidents during the project.

Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

This is the Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects 

  1. Assign special personnel responsible for management of accidents

health and cleanliness of the work environment or commonly referred to as K3.Work safety is closely related to increasing production and productivity. Productivity is the comparison between the work (output) and the effort used (input). Work safety can help increase production and productivity on the basis of Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

  1. Attach warning signs such as alert objects fall, void alert void, watch out electricity or other project signs.

    A high level of safety is in line with the maintenance and use of productive and efficient work equipment and machines and is associated with a high level of production and productivity. Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

  2. Use safety equipment that serves as a personal protector such as safety shoes, seat belts, project helmets or earplugs as a protection from high engine noise tones.

    In many ways, a high level of safety creates conditions that support work comfort and enthusiasm, so that the human factor can be harmonized with a high level of efficiency as well.

  3. Routine conduct counseling by gathering all workers or workers to be able to direct and remind about the dangers of project accidents and appeals to always be vigilant in the work.

    Safety practices cannot be separated from skills, both go hand in hand and are essential elements for the continuity of the production process, by gathering workers and preparing beforehand, the incidence is not much.

  4. Plan well every stage of construction implementation, such as counting heavy objects to be lifted by the tower crane, whether still within the capacity limit of load capability or not.

    Work safety that is carried out as well as possible with the participation of employers and workers will bring a climate of security and calm at work, so that it is very helpful for the relationship between workers and employers which is a strong foundation for creating smooth production.


  1. Close the void hole and provide railing while on the sides of the edge, installation of railings can also be mounted on the edge of the building structure so that workers are safe from the possibility of danger of falling from a height.

  2. Require and assign special personnel to control workers whether they have used self-protective equipment and work without risk of accidents.Clean the project area as often as possible, can be done before and after work, because in addition to causing a fun project atmosphere, a clean workplace is also protected from the risk of exposure to harmful objects scattered like nails or other sharp objects.At the stage of concrete casting work must be done first search whether the formwork has been installed strongly or not, and the connection of reinforcing steel has been installed correctly.

    Make a special area for smoking so that workers do not smoke indiscriminately, this is what can cause fire hazards on the project site.

  3. Install a fire safety tube or APAR as a light fire extinguisher at a potential project site for fire.Keep the project cables neatly and safely covered.Get used to pray before work to be safe and work can be completed according to target or plan

There are many other things that can be done as an effort to prevent work accidents at the construction site, it needs various creativity and innovation to envisage any danger that might happen at every stage or work then prepare some things that can help safety work in order to reduce work accident. Have a Work and keep your safety in work. Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

Thus, as Accident Prevention Construction Project Building, we as a construction company always put forward safety work routine to provide training and equip our team of workers with personal protective equipment (APD) that has been standardized SNI. If you need professional construction services for office buildings, new plants, property and other buildings immediately contact us. For more info please go to the contact page. Accident Prevention of Building Construction Projects

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