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Must know! Information about Accident Building Projects Works

Accident Building Project Works is an activity related to all the work that will be done in the workplace. Construction project works include several aspects including building materials, equipment, labor, and technology application. All these aspects are the source of workplace accidents that can even result in death or large material losses.

Accident Building Project Works

Accident Building Project Works

In the past, experts assumed that an accident was caused by wrong worker action or not obeying the rules. However, now that assumption has been different than the view of the emergence of workplace accidents today, namely that accidents occur not only caused by the actions of workers alone, but also caused by organizational factors and project management.

Workers and employees should be directed and controlled by the management to create a safe and comfortable work activity. Based on the latest crash-causing theories, the management must be responsible for the safety of the workers.

Project workers should also be covered with adequate safety equipment that has been standardized by national standards for workplace accidents to be prevented or minimized.

Personal protective equipment used by construction project workers must be of good quality to create a sense of security and comfort when working. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as: Safety Helmet, Safety Belt, Safety Shoes, Rubber Shoes, Gloves, Mask or Respirator and others in accordance with national standards (SNI). Accident Building Project Works

Accident Data of Project Building Work 

  1. The number of construction work

The number of construction work accidents in Indonesia is still at a bad including level. By 2015 alone 2,375 people died in Work Accidents According to Juan Somavia, the Director General of the ILO, the construction industry is among the most vulnerable to work accidents, followed by food and beverage manufacturing. Not only in developing countries alone, even in developed countries, Construction still needs serious attention.

  1. new findingsof ways of preventing effective
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Therefore, there should be new findings of ways of preventing effective occupational injuries.In addition, construction project work must not only demand accuracy in power planning, but also be careful about how the methods and technology of its construction. The fault in the construction method will result in very fatal, i.e. casualty of labor force.

  1. columns and sloop of reinforced concrete or iron profile

Example: Leaving just a new high wall without a frame (enough reinforcement) of columns and sloop of reinforced concrete or iron profile which would be very dangerous when receiving a horizontal force or in this case wind gusts. In addition, a wall with a total length of 50 m, would be very risky if not given sufficient guard.

  1. The government has long consideredthe issue of labor protection

The government has long considered the issue of labor protection, namely through Law no. 1 Year 1970 About Safety. In accordance with the development of the era, in 2003, the government issued another Law 13/2003 on Manpower. This law covers various matters in protecting workers that are about wages, welfare, social security of the workforce and includes in it health and safety issues.

  1. The problem with construction services that focus

The problem with construction services that focus on labor, of course, cannot be dealt with in a general way that has been done in developed countries. The first step that needs to be done is with exemplary from the Government who has a function as a coach or “the biggest owner”. Accident Building Project Works

  1. Management on building project

Management on building project work is very important in preventing accidents in construction projects. These important roles ranging from planning, organizing, implementation and supervision. The next step can also be reviewed from human factors, materials, money, machinery or tools, work methods and information. Accident Building Project Works

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